Theater of the Living Arts (TLA)
Philadelphia, PA - November 15, 2006
"This Too Shall Pass" (Band Geeks are beautiful!)
OK GO - November 15, 2006
OKGO=Tim Nordwind, Andy Ross, Damian Kulash  & Dan Konopka
"A Million Ways"
This video was shot in a single,
un-cut take!!!
Just Jess & I...
We were, of course, up front... maybe 7 to 10 rows of bodies back.
Everyone was jumping! It was beautiful madness!!!
AND THEN.... (lead singer) Damian, jumps down onto the floor....
With a wired microphone, no less!!!
Walks 7 to 10 rows back into the crowd.....
Stands right next to Jess and me while singing his heart out!!!!
The beat-up little theater was an incredible container of wild movement, profuse sweating, and insane, musical joy!!!!
What a Great Show!!!
"Here It Goes Again"
These guys
are insane!!!
Oh yeah....
And as a bonus to this great show, afterwards, when we went outside,
and Jess and I were going on to each other
about what had just transpired...
There, standing  at the curb, was the drummer, Dan Konopka, getting some much-needed air, and changing his soaked shirt!!! Well... I waited until he put on his nice new dry shirt... and politely asked him to sign the shirt I had just bought inside!!! He, very kindly, obliged!!!
After he signed, he realized he signed over the image of Damian,
and not himself!
I said... "Well, go ahead and sign it again, on top of your picture!" He laughed, and said something like, "Ha, ha! You already got my autograph, now you want another?!"

It's hard to see from this shot, but Dan's signature is on the figure on the right.
It's getting a little faded.
I try not to wear it,
to preserve it. But it's hard!
I really like the shirt!!!!
"This Too Shall Pass" (Rube Goldberg Machine version)
(Going to see them at the TLA again 5/3/10!!!!!)